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ARPWave Trainer & Holistic Coach

I have integrated the very effective ARPWave trainer into my holistic health and personal training practice. I teach based upon my personal experience and indepth study of the human body, mind and spirit. I live by example and teach with an awareness of the mental, physical, emotional, and energetic components of healing in mind. I use a holistic approach to creating a healthy body and lifestyle.

Sports Analyst  ​


I'm going into my fourth season as a sports analyst on the show "Game On" which airs during the NFL season, live on WUSA 9. I have three years experience doing broadcast work as a color comentator for SSN, U.S. Sports Radio.

Motivational Speaker

I am passionate about women's empowerment, health and fitness, nutrition, science, spirituality and personal growth. I have spoken on women's equality for the Army National Guard, on the science of epigenetics, at sports management venues, alternative health panels, with my book on feminine leadership, to children at schools and on many various health and nutrition topics around the country.

Educator, Sales & Distribution of
Redox Signaling supplement.

I am part of a special group of people around the  globe who have the opportunity to share one of the greatest advancements in health science of our generation - "stabilized Redox Signaling Molecules". These amazing little molecules create visible changes very quickly and come in a topical gel and oral liquid form. 


Contact me directly for more information.


Mentor and Community Supporter

My mission to support women and children draws me to participate in community events that support health, education, growth and empowerment. I'm available as a speaker, mentor, MC, trainer and coach to individuals and groups of any age.  

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