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Donna was introduced to the Accelerated Recovery Performance (ARP Wave) trainer by former NFL player Duane Clemmons in 2008.

Donna sustained a serious high ankle sprain two weeks before the 2008 season opener and was looking to speed up her recovery. Clemmons was evaluating the ARP Wave therapy and put Donna on the ankle treatment protocol. After her first session, which consisted of putting her foot in a bucket of water with one ARP wave pad on her quad and another in the bucket under her heel, and turning the current up to max tolerance for 20 minutes, she immediately felt stronger and saw the swelling go down significantly. Donna continued an aggressive treatment protocol for two weeks and was able to play in the first game.

As a personal trainer and health coach this caught Donna's attention, but it was one actually one of her clients who needed a more advanced solution to a nagging injury that motivated Donna to look into acquiring the ARP wave Trainer for herself and her clients.

In 2009 Donna became a licensee and began learning and learning and using the different treatment protocols. She is now a veteran of ARP wave therapy, getting consistent positive results.

During the 2010 World Championships in Sweden, Donna used the ARP wave therapy to keep her on the field while she was dealing with a serious achilles tendon injury. She has had success treating herself from whiplash, a separated shoulder, muscle injuries, headaches, concussions, a torn MCL in 6 weeks, torn PCL in 6 weeks.

Donna has been very effective in healing injuries with the ARPWave therapy, and also uses it for an hour prior to all practices and games to warm her muscles up and immediately prepare her body to perform at max effort and capacity.

The ARP wave is a revolutionary form of electrotherapy that has helped hundreds of people avoid various kinds of surgery, by bringing the body back into alignment through the ARP wave Protocols.

Approved by the FDA, the ARP Wave is a class 2 medical device, and is safe for most people. It is not to be used by those with a pacemaker, history of blood clots or those who are pregnant.

In use by the world class athletes, the Arpwave and its Protocols have helped hundreds avoid surgery, and regain optimal health!

Introduction to ARP Wave Therapy...

The ARP wave System is pioneering a new branch of soft tissue medicine which deals with the Neurological origin of all soft tissue conditions and symptoms and not just the physical symptoms. The ARP wave system is a one of a kind program designed to improve the quality of anyone's life. This system uses proprietary methodologies and tools to assist us in improving your quality of life whether it be a medical challenge or a strength, conditioning, or performance challenge.

Dwight Freeney has high ankle sprain
 Story by Adam Schefter | ESPN


"Indianapolis Colts Pro Bowl pass rusher Dwight Freeney is trying to bounce back from what one source said is a high left ankle sprain, a difficult injury for a player so reliant on his speed, power and spin moves.

Freeney has a history of returning from injury sooner than expected. He played in the Super Bowl against the Saints two weeks after tearing a ligament in his right ankle.

High ankle sprains usually sideline players for weeks at a time, but all the Colts will say publicly is that Freeney is day to day. He already has been ruled out of Sunday's game against the Vikings.

Most players would be expected to miss four to six weeks with the injury."

Dwight Freeney ARP​Wave Training

Watch Dwight Freeney's Tuesday ARPWave session prior to the Super Bowl.



​The ARPwave mission is ‘to replace R.I.C.E. (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) with A.R.P. (Accelerated Recovery Performance) and to prevent muscle related injuries in Athletics as well as in the Workplace which may require surgery.
​The ARPwave System was developed by Denis Thompson, the nation’s foremost authority on neurological muscle stimulation and Jay Schroeder, the creator of the EvoSport/UltraFit Strength Protocols, the nation’s leading authority on strength rehabilitation. The ARPwave System includes the ARP machine- our exclusive proprietary neurological stimulator, ARP Protocols and the UltraFit Strength & Rehabilitation Protocols.

When the body is injured, it develops a "short-circuit" in its electrical system. ARP locates that short-circuit and then rapidly repairs it. We evaluate and correct neurological disconnects in the body and restore the bodies abilites to heal. By utilizing proprietary ARP technologies, we reconnect how the body conjoins with the brain, resulting in rapid healing.

EFFECTIVE TREATMENT FOR: Injury to muscles, Chronic muscle pain, Reduced performance, Loss of flexibility, Impaired quality of life.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
The ARP wave is a revolutionary form of elecrotherapy that has been approved by the FDA for:​​

*Muscle Reeducation: Eliminating compensation patterns

*Relaxation of muscle spasms: Reducing pain in the affected muscles

*Increased local blood circulation: Shown to speed up healing

*Prevention/retardation of disuse atrophy: Quickly builds muscle strength

*Maintaining and increasing range of motion: Designed to increase your muscles ability to absorb force and prevent muscle related injury.

ARP Loosening

ARP LOOSENING is the most important prevention and training protocol -  For EVERYONE

ARP Search & Destroy

ARP SEARCH & DESTROY is the method by which the source of an injury is determined.

Donna "Kona" Wilkinson​​​


#Sports Analyst   #Color Commentator   #Public Speaker

#Two-Time Team USA Gold Medalist   #17 Year Veteran D.C. Divas

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