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Donna has been working in the health industry since 1994 when she first became a personal trainer during college. She then received her Health Fitness Management and Business degrees from Columbia Union College and became an American Council on Education (ACE) certified personal trainer. After working for two large franchise gyms as trainer, Donna opened her own private training and health coaching business. Since then, Donna has been on a quest to maintain peak performace, find new technologies that aid in healing and recovery, and offer those technologies and services to her clients in one-on-one and small group sessions. In 2008 Donna was introduced to the ARPWave technology by a former NFL player, and in 2009 became a licensee. The ARPWave technology has the potential to change a clients life dramatically.


Donna is the only ARPWave trainer within 100 miles of Washington D.C.​​​​​​​​​



Advanced Medical Therapy

The ARPWave System is pioneering a new branch of soft tissue medicine which deals with the Neurological origin of all soft tissue conditions and symptoms and not just the physical symptoms. The ARPWave system is a one of a kind program designed to improve the quality of anyone's life. This system uses proprietary methodologies and tools to assist us in improving your quality of life whether it be a medical challenge or a strength, conditioning, or performance challenge.

During the 2010 World Championships in Sweden, Donna used the ARPWave therapy to keep her on the field while she was dealing with a serious achilles tendon injury. She has had success treating herself from whiplash, a separated shoulder, muscle injuries, headaches, concussions, and a torn MCL and PCL in 6 weeks.


Drinking enough water isn’t really enough. You have to drink the right kind of water - water that will help buffer acid, help remove toxins, and is easily absorbed by your body. You need great tasting water with antioxidant properties and proper pH levels. The best water is "Living Water."

In nature, water coming down in a waterfall is vibrant, full of oxygen and alive with energy. Drinking Living Water that is alkaline, ionized and healthy will have an impact on every aspect of your health. With advancements in living water technology it is possible get pH-balancing, healthy alkaline water for drinking and cooking, strong alkaline water for washing vegetables, and acidic water for cleaning - right from your own sink.

When you drink alkaline water regularly, you’re helping your body to hydrate itself as well as flush out toxins and waste products. If you’re trying to lose weight, you may get a boost there as well. Overall, there’s no better way to help stay healthy.

Used by professional sports teams including the Washington Nationals baseball team!

The WrightGUARD

If you want a great mouthguard, this is the best I've found in 15 years of football...

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