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USA Football Women's National Team Wins GOLD in Historic Women's World Championships!  

Donna made history when she became a member of the 2010 Women's National Team that traveled to Stockholm, Sweden to take on the World in the IFAF Women's World Championships. The six Country tournament included teams from the US, Canada, Germany, Finland, Sweden and Austria.


The US National Team was comprised of women from 24 different teams around the Country. Players arrived in Round Rock Texas for a week long training camp prior to leaving for a 10 day trip to Sweden. Training camp was tough and put the team and mission into focus quickly. The structured days included: early breakfast & meetings, morning practice, lunch, afternoon practice, dinner, film study periods and a team favorite “success” period in which the “onion” (a team building & visualization session) became the method by which 45 individuals came together as One Team, One Mission.

The heat during practice periods in Texas was intense and the coaches and training staff were well prepared with frequent water and fruit breaks. The pace and energy of the coaching staff kept things moving at a rapid pace and the install system was spectacular. It was clear by the personnel packages and game-plan that the coaches spent a lot of time evaluating their talent and creating a powerful, multiple-attack offense and fast swarming defense. Players simply needed to accept their roll and play ball.

When training camp ended the team traveled to Stockholm where they settled into their hotel and immediately back out on the practice field. With an intense World Championship schedule consisting of three games in 10 days, the United States women experienced a level of IRON WOMAN football that was both physically and mentally challenging. Coach Mac encouraged players to keep a journal and gave them time to take in and reflect on the moment and significance of the opportunity.

The United States was matched up in pool play with Austria and Finland. Canada, Sweden and Germany comprised the second pool. Donna had an opportunity to play against one of her DC Divas teammates - Tea -  who moved from Finland the previous year to play in America with the Divas.  Team USA dominated both Austria and Finland and Team Canada won their respective pool to make it into the finals against the US. Once again Team USA showed that they are the most dominant team in the World by defeating Canada 66-0.

The United States won the first ever Gold Medal at the inaugural IFAF Women's World Championship with a 66-0 victory over Canada at the Zinkensdamms IP Stadium in Stockholm, Sweden on Saturday, July 03. Earlier in the day, Finland won the Bronze medal with a 26-18 win over Germany, while on a good day for Scandinavia, host Sweden took fifth place overall by beating Austria 20-18. Team USA head coach John Konecki said afterwards, “Canada was an excellent team and we had to work our butt off to prepare and play against them. I feel honored to have coached this Team USA. It is a remarkable group of women.

Defensive Most Valuable Player Sharon Vasquez of the Pittsburgh Passion added:  “It was amazing to win gold medal. It was very emotional. We played an awesome team and it feels great to be in this moment,” said Vasquez.

The United States of America now holds all IFAF tackle football world titles with the USA Football Women's National Team joining their male counterparts, who won the senior crown in 2007 against Japan, and the juniors (aged 19 and under), who beat Canada to lift the 2009 IFAF Junior World Championship.

TACKLE THE WORLD ~ It's More Than a Game!

short film by Rich Daniel

2010 National Team highlights

by Rich Daniel


The Countries top football players compete on the field

to earn a spot on The US National Team.

2013 Team USA Announced!​

The USA Football Women's National Team Tryouts were held at the University of Texas in Austin, TX in January.

USA Football had 200 of the worlds best women's football players come out to compete for a spot on the women's national team. The tryout was a padded, full-contact camp that allowed the women to showcase their talents. It was an exciting time for women's football. After two weeks of deliberation, the 2013 National Team was announced and Donna was excited to join this prestigous team.

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