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The MEAN MACHINE - Congressional Flag Football Team

In November of 2011 Donna joined an All-Star cast of former NFL players and members of congress in a flag football game for charity. Practices began early morning in front of the Capitol with Ken Harvey and John Booty as coaches. Members worked on conditioning, pass blocking, running routs, defensive drops, coverages and offensive schemes. The energy was high as the Mean Machine prepared to defend their first win against the Guards in the 2009 Classic.

Heath Shuler led the offense at quarterback and Donna Edwards was the only female member to participate. Congressmen from both party lines worked hard and sweat together - for a full month leading up to the game - demonstrating that Republicans and Democrats can work together (and have fun) when they see themselves on the same team. Something to think about...

As game day got closer and practices heated up, Ken Harvey showed Donna what it is like to be hit by an All-Pro NFL linebacker. As she crossed the middle of the field on a slant route, Harvey came up from his linebacker position and nailed Donna in the back fracturing one of her ribs. Donna held onto the ball as she was hit and showed why she is know as The ANIMAL AS she jumped up immediately, and was back on the practice field the next day. Fortunately for Donna the game was postponed for several weeks due to weather which allowed her to fully recover before game day. Donna continues to show why she is one of the toughest players in women's professional football.


The Mean Machine battled it out against the bigger, faster, stronger Guards. They fell behind early but came back strong in the second half with two touchdowns. ​The game ended with 27-14 Mean Machine loss to the Guards who reclaimed their former glory. The Guards went back to their position of protecting those they just played and continue to serve on  a daily basis.

What a powerful experience to see both sides of the isle come together in the spirit of harmony and cooperation for the good of others. The experience and relationships Donna built from this experience are priceless.​

Inspired by Divas Football, ​Congresswoman Donna Edwards joined the male dominated Congressional team and worked hard in practice to improve her game.

Congressional Flag Football Photo Album

Congressional Football Game Supports Local Charities
Game Pits Capitol Police Against Members, With Help From Professionals

 By Laura Barron-Lopez
   Roll Call Staff
   Nov. 2, 2011, Midnight

The time for tackles, 90-yard returns, interceptions, sacks, fumbles, 60-yard completions and touchdowns is here.

It’s football season and many in Washington, D.C., have been waiting for Wednesday night’s big showdown between Congress and the Capitol Police.

It’s a football game that can be seen only in D.C. The 5th Biennial Congressional Football Game will raise funds for the Capitol Police Memorial Fund and Our Military Kids Inc.


Roll Call - Around the HILL


From left, former Washington Redskins player Ken Harvey, Reps. Robert Dold and Jon Runyan, Donna Wilkinson of the women’s football team D.C. Divas, and Rep. Scott DesJarlais run during a Congressional football practice on the Mall.

Capitol Police Defeat Members, 27-14

 By Laura Barron-Lopez
   Roll Call Staff
   Nov. 3, 2011, 12:59 p.m.

Despite a late comeback push by Members of Congress at Wednesday night’s 5th Biennial Congressional Football Game, the Capitol Police were able to hold on for a 27-14 victory.

Members fell behind, 27-0, but managed to put two touchdowns on the board in the second half before time got away.

Members benefited from several former NFL players on their roster, such as Reps. Heath Shuler (D-N.C.) and Jon Runyan (R-N.J.), along with Ken Harvey, John Booty and Herschel Walker, but it wasn’t enough to overcome the cops’ speed and youth.


Roll Call - Around the HILL


Rep. Heath Shuler quarterbacks for the "Mean Machine" team at Wednesday night's 5th Biennial Congressional Football Came.

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