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Healthy Living Begins in Your Home!


Donna has been using advanced heath technologies for over a decade. She was first introduced to the concept of "health technologies" through the Nikken Corporation, who has been a pioneer and leader in Magnetic and Wellness Home products.

Recently she was challenged by The Living Wellness Center to compare her Nikken "living water" with the latest "LivingWater" to see if the newest technology actually created water that would give her better results. She was surprised to discover that that the ORP (oxygen reduction potential) of the water was significantly higher than the Nikken water, which had already given her so many health benefits. 

As Donna evaluated the water she noticed an improvement in her stomach right away with the high alkaline LivingWater. The big test however, was looking at the results of her personal ZYTO test, in which 30 bio-markers came into balance after drinking the water for only 10 days.


ZYTO, THE GLOBAL LEADER IN BIOCOMMUNICATION, is a technology company that produces health related software and equipment to facilitate decision making about healthcare and wellness.


ZYTO technology is based on the body's ability to respond to subtle stimuli. Using the body's natural energetic field, a communication link is established between the patient and the computer via the ZYTO hand cradle. Through this connection, ZYTO sends stimuli and then records the body's response. This conversation is called biocommunication, and it provides insights into health and wellness. For more information on the ZYTO technology go to​.

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Not All Water Is Created Equal

Drinking enough water isn’t really enough. You have to drink the right kind of water - water that will help buffer acid, help remove toxins, and is easily absorbed by your body. You need great tasting water with antioxidant properties and proper pH levels.

Having a LivingWater system is like owning a limitless supply of alkaline, ionized, healthy water. You get pH-balancing, healthy alkaline water for drinking and cooking, strong alkaline water for washing vegetables, and acidic water for cleaning. Plus, when you drink alkaline water regularly, you’re helping your body to hydrate itself as well as flush out toxins and waste products. If you’re trying to lose weight, you may get a boost there as well. Overall, there’s no better way to help stay healthy.


Utilizing Direct Disk Ionization (DDI) Technology™, LivingWater is a revolutionary approach to water ionization. Designed by the inventor who holds the first water ionization engine patent, it does not require numerous plates or membranes. The Direct Disk Ionization Technology and constant power output design produce ionized water with the least amount of electrical energy needed.

Benefits of Living Water​

Provides acid-buffering alkaline water for drinking and cooking.

Generates water with excellent negative Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) for increased antioxidant properties.

Produces acidic water for cleaning without chemicals.

Easily installs to your existing faucet with no special plumbing.

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